• 51 SCM Anemômetro de Design de velocidade do vento, Temperatura e umidade sensor exibição de produção eletrônica DIY

51 SCM Anemômetro de Design de velocidade do vento, Temperatura e umidade sensor exibição de produção eletrônica DIY

  • €41.00
  • €43.15

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Descrição do produto

  • Tipo 2: Equipamento Desportivo
  • Material: Metal+PVC
  • Dropshipping: Suporte
  • Item: Eléctrica Subaquática Scooter
  • Nome: Equipamento De Esportes De Água
  • Tipo: Água Do Mar De Velocidade Dupla Hélice
  • Feature1: Elétrico De Dupla Velocidade
  • Peso: 7.8kg
  • Feature2: Equipamento De Esportes De Água
  • mercadorias: Mergulho Scuba Scooter
  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • Número Do Modelo: Scooter Subaquático

Underwater Scooter 300W Dual Speed Water Propeller Water Pool Electric Suitable For Ocean And Pool Waterproof Sports Equipment

Because of the special product, our products and batteries are shipped separately.You can also buy batteries when you order.


1.Underwater - electric scooter

2.The diver is always limited by the air supply and is burdened by heavy towing equipment on the way to the underwater destination.Underwater electric scooters are a great way to reduce personal energy loss and increase dive time.

3.Please note - Note: The battery is not included, because the shipping code is limited, it cannot be transported with the electric skateboard, but you can buy the battery in our shop. (We install the charger for you)

4.Suitable for this scooter battery:

5.Battery type: lead battery battery size: 15 * 10 * 9.5cm voltage: 24V capacity: 6AH discharge rate: 20HR

6.Battery: lead battery 6AH, 24V.Battery size: 15x10x9.5cm. (not included).Please contact customer service to purchase separately.The battery needs to be transported separately. 3.7KG

7.Battery charging time: 4-5 hours. 8.Machine running time: approx. 40 minutes - 1 hour (depending on speed setting).


Power: 300W.

Maximum speed: 5-6 km / h.

Maximum depth: 30 meters.

Water seal and decompression: three-stage seal, waterproof and complete; and equipped with pressure valve technology, allowing the device to decompress after rising.

Color: yellow + black

Suitable age: adult

User: One person


1x original machine

1x original charger

1x instruction manual

1 package

1x air pump

1x Vaseline

1x seal 59.7x37.2x31.

1 product size

package size: 64x40x37

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